Covid-19 Update

Join us on Sundays at 10:00am & 4:00pm as we worship together to bring God all the glory! Due to COVID and current health guidelines,  our church has been worshipping in two alternating groups.  If you would like to worship with us, you are still encouraged to join us! Click the link above to view our live streaming.


Dear Congregation,

Greetings from the Council!! We have missed all of you! Throughout this pandemic, Council has sought the wellbeing of each of our members. We greatly appreciate your patience as we try to balance both the physical and spiritual health of our congregation during this pandemic. We praise God for the technology that allows us to worship together, if not in body, in spirit.

Following the directives of the public health guidelines, the Council is very excited to be able to call you to come and worship! We look forward to seeing you this Sunday!

We acknowledge, however, that there is still a very real threat of a second outbreak of the corona virus. With that in mind, Council has made several changes and implemented some very strict guidelines as we return to worship. We, again, ask for your patience and cooperation as we work together to honor our Lord and King.

Worship Services

1. In order to maintain the required social distancing, we are limiting attendance. The congregation will be divided into two groups according to Elder Districts.

a. Group 1: Districts K. Van Hill; J. Vanden Heuvel; T. Visser 

b. Group 2: Districts G. Lammertsen; P. Brandsma; A. Houweling

2. Grace Reformed Church will return to two services, one at 10:00am & one at 4:00pm. Both of these services will also be live-streamed.


3. Each Sunday, the Worship Group will alternate services, giving each group the opportunity to attend both the morning and afternoon services every other week. Refer to our most current bulletin to find the weekly schedule. 


4. Even during this pandemic, we do not want to discourage guests. If you would like to invite someone to visit church with you, please ask you District Elder if there will be room in your Group.


5. Please be patient as we adapt to the new rules and attend only when it is your turn. As we work out the logistics of managing the attendance, we will do everything we can to ensure that all members who are able to can attend as frequently as possible.


Church Building

1. We are looking forward to seeing each other but please respect social distancing when entering and exiting the church building.

2. There is hand sanitizer in the narthex. You may use your own gloves or mask if desired, or we have a supply available on request.


3. In order to maintain social distancing, specific pews will be clearly marked for seating. Please try to fill the pews from front to back utilizing only the marked pews only. Pews will be sanitized after each service.

4. Families living in the same house and cohort groups will be allowed to sit together, but sufficient space must be maintained between members of different families.


5. All Bibles and song books will have been removed from the pews. Please bring your own Bibles with you to church.


6. There will be no nursery provided until further notice. Any children attending must remain with their parents and not have contact with others.


7. There will be no Greeters.


8. No coffee will be served.


9. Weather permitting, visiting with proper distancing may be done outdoors.


10. Exiting after the Worship Service will be row by row starting from the back of the sanctuary.


11. Offerings will be collected at the back of the sanctuary, with no personal contact.


12. Please allow sufficient time for orderly, socially-distance entering and exiting the building.


13. Please use the washroom only if absolutely necessary.


Personal Precautions

1. We are providing reasonable precautions at church to minimize the spread of the virus, but each individual and household is encouraged to evaluate their own risks for COVID-19 and exercise appropriate caution.


2. We especially ask those at high risk to excuse themselves from attending.


3. Please do not come if you are not feeling well. If you have a sore throat, cough, fever, shortness of breath or any other COVID-19 symptoms please say home until you are symptom free.


4. Check with your health care provider if you are unsure if you are at risk.


5. No one is under obligation to attend the services. We would love to have everyone come at the appointed time. However, there are several who may feel uncomfortable in a large group setting. We fully understand and urge you to continue watching the services via streaming.


As we look forward to the future to entering this new phase, we place ourselves on our sure foundation and our only comfort in life and death, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

In His service,

The Council of Grace Reformed Church


1402 8 Avenue North

Lethbridge AB

T1J 4A2

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